Friday, March 5, 2010

Who wants to have their wedding HERE???

Some of you may know that the ultimate goal of Exquisite Blooms is to own a wedding venue and provide a perfectly picturesque spot to the Southern California brides.  Well, what do you think about this property?  I think it is perfect!!!

Would you want to get married here?  Just picture photos taken on the wrap around porch, an outdoor reception under a silk tent, maybe a ceremony under this gorgeous tree...
Please leave a comment if you think this would be a good venue.  Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!!

Ok, one last picture...


  1. I love it! I want to do a wedding here!

  2. Beautiful...I can just imagine old mason jars holding candles and strung up with wires, hanging from that tree! Some Italian lights and an old long table with wooden benches. YOU ARE definitely on to something here.

  3. Beautiful..That is an awesome venue. I love the tree.

  4. Where is this bella? So pretty and very YOU!