Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sad news for a fellow wedding industry member...

This post is from photographer friend, Melissa McClure. I don't personally know Lori but I do work on a lot...

One of the major milestones in life is getting married. Even if you aren’t married yourself, you’ve probably been to (or in) a wedding or two (or far more than you care to admit to because you are fast becoming the one person who gets called out during the garter toss or has 27 bridesmaids dresses). You probably have friends who are married, want to get married, or are planning a wedding… Heck some of you reading this are in fact the professionals who work the weddings… where ever you may fit in the list above, or even in-between (ie: the boss that has had to block any wedding related websites from your company’s server so that your engaged employee can focus during work), you have probably heard or ran across
If you haven’t heard-of or visited the website, let me tell you what it is, straight from their home page: “ is San Diego’s Wedding Community. It is the most informative, resourceful, inspiring social network for San Diego Brides, Grooms and Wedding Vendors. The dynamic, creative Brides & Grooms of the San Diego wedding community make this site the #1 destination for planning your San Diego wedding. Our users are extremely resourceful Brides & Grooms and excited to plan their weddings with the help, advice and camaraderie of the San Diego wedding community.”
Eight years ago, Lori Foote, then a newlywed who had a few raves (and rants) about her wedding planning journey and the professionals who made it possible, established the website to help future couples plan their day. Since then, it has become an invaluable resource to many couples (ok fine, maybe more of a safe haven to the many brides & grooms who want to share their ideas, planning related achievements, and gather opinions without fear of sounding obsessive). The site has also served as a gateway to the careers of many professionals in our industry- yours truly included.
I have been on BridalInsider as a bride AND a vendor.  It was an absolute necessity  during my wedding planning.  I even came out of it with an amazing group of friends I still have daily contact with!  For my business, the website has been instrumental in sending weddings my way. I owe Lori so much for the success of both my wedding and my business!
It is because of the influence and impact Lori & Bridal Insider have had on my life that I write this post and reach out to all of you, to help me do what we can for Lori & her family. Last week, they lost their home to a fire- a freak accident that could have happened to anyone. They lost everything, including the family’s cat and fish.  While Lori remains in very good spirits, and is very thankful that her family (husband and two young children) are safe and unharmed, they essentially have nothing, and are almost quite literally starting from the ground up. Currently, they are living in temporary housing while their home is rebuilt, but along all the irreplaceable things lost, there has also been a loss of many essential personal items- clothing, undergarments, toiletries, books & toys for the children…I am sure that you can take a look around your home and quickly realize how essential even the most insignificant inanimate object can be at a time like this. All is lost, and it needs replacing.
Together with fellow wedding professionals we’ve established a paypal donation site where if you have an extra dollar or two this week, or even ten next week, you can make a donation that will go directly to Lori & her family to help with the basic needs of food, personal items, and maybe a few toys for the kids. Any help is welcome and appreciated. I personally Thank You for reading through this post, and even considering to help, and know that Lori will eternally be grateful to all of you who can help. If you would like to mail any notes, well-wishes, or check donations, feel free to send them to her via the Cerimone Studio at 2690 Historic Decatur Rd. #207, San Diego, CA 92106. You may also email Lori at – do note that she may not be able to respond to your email right away.
Thank you again for all of your love and support. Please feel free to repost this blog.
xo, Melissa

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  1. Just awful. My family lost their home in a brush fire six years ago. They too didn't get anything out, it sucked but they moved on and even found the light in it, my mom sometimes refers to it as their glorified garage sale. I'll pray for the Footes!