Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Photoshoot...(part 1 of 3)

So let me start with...I AM NOT A MODEL.

On Monday I set out to San Juan Capistrano with "featured" photographer Melissa McClure, Australian Photographer Cathy Crowley and San Diego photographer Bethany Murphy to partake in a little photo shoot.  I was scheduled to make an awesome succulent bouquet but then agreed at the last minute to be the model as well.  It was a fun filled day and I had a blast hanging out with all 3 ladies and Michael, Bethany's boyfriend, was such a huge help carrying things and keeping us company.

These next few posts will be features of the 3 photographers work, first up...

Bethany can see the whole post here, so I won't show you all the pics but here are a few.  Bethany, thank you for the shots and you did such an amazing job!
I made the bouquet from a combination of various succulents and yellow rananculas stems and wrapped the wild stems in burlap.


  1. Love it! Thank you so much for sharing these! Thank you for being such a great model and for the awesome bouquet you made! I had an amazing time with you all :)