Monday, February 1, 2010

Ostrich Feather Centerpiece

Remember Simone y Matt? I haven't received the pro pics yet but here are some shots I took of the decor...
The "tall" centerpieces for the room were ostrich feather pieces. They were 30 ostrich feathers atop a 36" gold Eiffel tower vase surrounded by 3 groupings of 3 votive candles, china mum heads and gold eucalyptus leaves.
The 42' long stage was lined with over 60 glass vases of varying heights filled with gold candles.
The lounge area tables had small groupings of 3 vases with gold candles, gold leaves and china mum heads.

Each ostrich feather centerpiece was pin spotted, courtesy of The Prado which made each feather glow.

The reception was located at The Prado in Balboa Park in the main ballroom. The reception was a "lounge/movement" reception which means that they did not have assigned seating or a lot of round tables. Instead they had 6 rounds for the mature guests and lots of belly bars and lounge furniture areas for guest to mingle and chat as they tried each food station. It was a gorgeous event and all of the candle light made the room glow!


  1. that's my favorite thing about the prado. the pin spot lighting is amazing. it really brought the feathers to life!

  2. Enchanting and very did such a great job on this one!!