Thursday, February 4, 2010

DIY Day-Centerpiece

Finally, the 1st DIY project. "Project Hydrangea Centerpiece"

This is a simple piece which is perfect for you DIY brides because it is largely dependent on the hydrangea which fills the piece in. Everything you add to the hydrangea is really just accenting rather than structure. Lets start with materials...
  • To get started you will need to make the base of the arrangement, for this project we used a 5x5 square glass vase lined with ti leaves.  You will need:
    • 5x5 glass vase
    • 1 ti leaf
    • 1/2 block of oasis floral foam (start with half and sliver off pieces till it fits on the vase when wrapped
Before you place the block and leaf in the vase you will need to cut the stem from the leaf. Do this by slicing into the leaf about 4-5 inches to get the stiffest part of the stem cut off.
Next, wrap the leaf around the block of floral foam.
Then, slide the block into the vase and trim off the top of the leaf (my picture is before I trimmed the top). Now submerge the vase in water for 5 minutes so that the foam is completely saturated and you are ready to add flowers.
Okay, lets gather the flowers. For this project you will need the following:
  • 3 heads/stems of hydrangea
  • 3 stemed orchids
  • 3 stems of button mums
  • 5 roses
  • 2 spider mums
For this project the "stemed" orchids are wired to floral picks. Simply cut the orchid from the large stem and wrap it tightly to the pre-wired floral pick.
The 1st flowers that we are going to add to the foam are the hydrangea. Cut the hydrangea stems to about 6 inches and insert in the foam in a triangular form so that they fill the top of the vase.
Then start adding in your other flowers, 1 type at a time to fill in gaps and add color.
When you are done you have a beautiful centerpiece fit for any wedding or occasion!
I hope that this wsa helpful and remember you can always ask me questions by leaving comments, emailing me ( or right in the forum on the right side column.

Till the next DIY day, LATER!

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