Thursday, October 14, 2010

Q & A session with Divine Events

The wonderful Helena Parker of Divine Events featured a Q&A with me on her blog earlier this week.

Here is a tid bit of the post but to see the entire thing you'll have to visit her here...
"Sally is the owner and lead designer at Exqusite Blooms. Here is a little Q&A I did with her.

What attracted you to the floral business?  Since I was a little girl, I have just always loved flowers.  I can remember my mom buying me a little book of flower meanings and thinking that “when I grow up, I am going to make people bouquets of flowers that have these hidden messages through the flowers”.  Flowers have always been a part of me and made me happy so in a way, I feel like being a florist was what I was always meant to be.

What is your favorite part of doing wedding flowers?  Good question and so many answers come to mind but I think that my very favorite part of doing wedding flowers is the moment I hand a bride her bouquet.  I try to make it a point, if possible, to personally deliver the bridal bouquet to all my brides.  I love that moment when I hand it to her and she is standing there looking beautiful on her wedding day in her gorgeous dress, the bouquet just adds that final “bridal” touch and it such a special moment to be a part of.  Sometimes I get teary eyed and have to turn around for fear of looking like a big dork."
I had such a fun time answering these questions and I hope to continue to work with Helena for a long time!

Photo by: Melissa McClure Photography

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