Wednesday, October 20, 2010

DIY centerpiece: Grouping of Vases

I haven't featured a DIY centerpiece in a while and just could resist posting this one...

***just to let you know, I did not do these centerpieces, everything was provided by the bride and her coordinator.  Carmele, the bride put everything together, and Courtney of After the Engagement added the final touches.***

What you will need:
  • sets of 3 clear glass cylinder vases of different heights (i.e. 6" tall, 9" tall and 10"tall)
  • sand and/or rocks and or glass stones
  • cymbidium orchid stems
  • floating candles (1 for each vase)
  • petals or dendrobium orchids for the tabletop
  • votive candles
What you need to do:
  • fill each vase with the materials you desire (i.e. sand, candle and orchid or cymbidium orchid stem with rocks, glass stones, etc.)
  • set out at reception
  • fill vases with water, leave about 3" left at the top
  • pop in the floating candle
  • add votives to the table tops along with petals or dendrobium orchids
  • light candles and you're done!
You will end up with amazing centerpieces that look like this...

These centerpieces are so beautiful and can be done on a budget while still looking amazing.  Good job Carmele and Courtney!

Photography by:  Nathaniel Kam

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