Monday, September 7, 2009

Small Beach Wedding

This weekend I had a small but very cool and very beautiful beach themed wedding. It was held at the Hilton Mission Bay on the "Garden Bay" lawn. For the bride and groom I designed a centerpiece made from sand blasted manzanita branches adorned with balls of white flowers and finished off with starfish and raffia on the base.

For the belly bars I used glass vases filled with solid white carnations and adorned with the same accents as the centerpieces. I know that everyone hates carnations but as I have said before, "when used bunched tightly by themselves, they have an elegant beauty." Don't you think that the look kind of like a sea creature? Like coral or sea sponges...maybe? Perfect for a beach wedding!

I also wrapped each napkin in raffia and added a starfish which really tied the entire table together.

One last picture...


  1. Those manzanita branches with the roses are brilliant, I love that idea!

  2. Love love how you used the starfish! Yup, not a fan of carnations but you made them looked very beachy n dreamy, very cool!