Wednesday, May 14, 2008

El Cortez

This is my most recent was held at the El Cortez on May 10th and was an absolute pleasure to put together. The main flowers of the entire wedding were cymbidium orchids and were used in every aspect of the wedding. Half of the centerpieces for the reception were dark Manzanita branches in tall vases which were filled with coffee beans and topped with little green button chrysanthemums. On the branches we place mini white and pink cymbidium orchids and hung votive candles for a glowing effect. The other half of the centerpieces were a trio of vases that incorporated food since the groom is a chef. The first vase was a tall cylinder with a white cymbidium orchid stem floating in water. The next vase was a medium cylinder with a shite candle surrounded by split peas. The last of the vase trio was a short square vase which was filled with 2 green apples and 2 limes filled with water and topped with a white floating candle.

My favorite part of the wedding was the bouquets but unfortunately we forgot to take pictures of them before we dropped them off to the bride and her bridesmaids. The brides bouquet was a mixture of white hydrangea, green cymbidium orchids, white cymbidium orchids and white roses. I wrapped it in white satin ribbon and added a silver and CZ broach to match the brides dress which was white with silver embroidery on the bodice. The bridesmaids wore dark brown dresses so Angie, the bride, wanted to lighten their bouquets up so that they would pop in the pictures. Their bouquets consisted of white hydrangea, white cymbidium orchids, tiny little pink-ish purple wax flowers and pink-ish purple mini calla lilies. They were wrapped in champagne ribbon and were very pretty. Hopefully I will get the pictures from the photographer soon so that I can post the pictures for everyone to see.Everything turned out beautiful and I hope that you all enjoy the pictures. I hope to have more up soon. :)

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