Friday, April 4, 2008

Centerpiece Masterpiece

So a month has pasted since my last blog and a lot has happened for Exquisite Blooms...I have purchased the website domain name, gotten 2 more wedding jobs, I am getting my designs photographed so I can get the website up and running and made this new centerpiece sample.

This sample is for a wedding that I am doing this month on the 25th in Temecula. The bride and groom are both Landscape Architects so they are very picky with design and could not compromise on a design. After going back and forth and veto-ing each others ideas, they finally asked me to help out and I came up with this. The aspects that they wanted to incorporate were, sets of 3 (I didn't have the candles at the time that I made this sample so I made mock candles from manila folders :), roses, leaves and they wanted the piece to have a contemporary feel. I ended up using all of their required elements and added some large rananculas, dark dahlias and queen annes lace.
I really think that it turned out very nice and I accomplished everything that they asked for.

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